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Jr High Tutoring

The most promising results in improving long-term student achievement were seen in after school tutoring programs.
Research indicates that tutoring programs can…
  1. Improve students’ academic skills
  2. Lower high school dropout rates
  3. Improve students’ self-esteem
  4. Improve students’ confidence
  5. Improve students’ social skills
  6. Provide positive companionship and friendship for youth
  7. Provide positive role models
  8. Provide emotional support to youth
  9. Allow instruction to be tailored to the student’s specific learning styles and needs
  10. Create a competition-free learning atmosphere
  11. Allow students to progress at their own rate
  12. Provide students with more personalized feedback and encouragement.

Jr. High School Math, Science & English LA Program

In ECSI-Learning Solutions’ Jr. High School program, students master computation and problem solving with rational numbers, i.e., Mathematics, Science and Reading comprehension, Composition & grammar. This creates a solid Math, Science & English LA foundation for future subjects such as algebra II, geometry, trigonometry, and pre-calculus.

Our Approach

Jr. High School students engage one to one with our instructors in a unique combination of mental, verbal, visual, tactile, and written exercises. These do more than just meet Alberta Math, Science & English LA standards, they surpass the recommendations of the Alberta Curriculum.

Basic Math, Science & English LA concepts and skills are blended with a program specifically designed to help students build big picture sense. This special program shows them how and why the useful number rules they’re learning work so they are able to understand how they can be applied to interesting areas such as computer science, biology, business, sciences and other disciplines.

Students are evaluated with a written and verbal assessment unique to ECSI-Learning Solutions. Based on the results, we develop a custom-tailored program designed to close any educational gaps they may have so they can jump ahead when they’re ready for advanced Math, Science & English LA challenges. 

Jr. High School Math, Science & English LA builds upon elementary Math, Science & English LA’s foundation and focuses on explaining why Math, Science & English LA rules work so that children learn and understand the rules, not just memorize them.

We also help students understand their homework as part of each session and prepare them for school tests, as well as standardized tests such as high school entrance exams.

Helping Kids Catch Up in Jr. High School Math, Science & English LA

Many students start Jr. High School with gaps in their Math, Science & English LA foundation. At ECSI-Learning Solutions, our experienced instructors work with kids to fill in those gaps while still addressing their current needs.

Helping Kids Keep Up and Get Ahead in Jr. High School Math, Science & English LA

Jr. High School Math, Science & English LA is often when students see a split in classes, with some kids starting algebra before high school. At ECSI-Learning Solutions, our experienced and trained instructors work with Jr. High School kids to help them forge ahead in Math, Science & English LA classes. Students are given a “preview” of Math, Science & English LA concepts and lessons that they will encounter in future classes to help prepare them for high school, college, and beyond.


  • Student will enjoy better grades
  • Regularity in studies.
  • Better work ethic.
  • Positive energy towards schooling.
  • Develop healthy study habits.
  • Enjoy reading & writing.
  • Good Problem solving skills.
  • Good attitude and behavior.

What we provide?

  • Test practice
  • Free materials
  • Customized Worksheets
  • Experienced and educated teachers
  • Reasonable fees.
  • 4hours /week
  • Concept Building/hands on activity
  • Home Work Help
  • We provide homework
  • Monthly Parent feedback.
  • One on-One/Small groups
  • Rigor and Practice in Math, Science & English LA.
  • Extra Study materials

Who can Join ?

  • Regular school children registered in School System.
  • Wants to learn and Excel
  • Motivated to do hard work.
  • Non-disruptive behavior
  • Enjoys good grades.

How to register?

  • Call us at 403-4575045, leave a voice message with details
  • or Email us  at with your requirements.
  • Fill the online request form.
  • or Text us at 4036672351/4036672531 to schedule a meeting.
  • Hurry! Very few seats left. first come first serve registration only Call now at 4034575045/4036672531