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Comprehensive Academic Program for Grades K-9 (Math, Science, Reading, and Writing & Spellings) at low cost. We work on “Growth Mindset”. You don’t have to worry about what we will tutor. We will use innovative ways to find out the room for improvement in the current grade level.

We strongly believe every student can learn and excel with proper guidance and environment.

What is Growth Mindset?

Growth mindset is the perspective that one’s abilities, specifically in understanding and applying new material, can be developed through effort and embracing challenges. Often, it is better understood to consider that a growth mindset is the opposite of a fixed mindset: where a student believes that each person has a limited amount of ability in any given area and that cannot be changed. A struggling student with a fixed mindset will believe they are stuck and that no amount of effort or hard work will change what they know or understand. Even historically good students can suffer from fixed mindsets if, when they face a significant challenge, give up – believing that they cannot overcome it and that they have reached the limit of their fixed abilities.

Fostering a growth mindset allows students of all abilities to increase their confidence, attack new and challenging problems with vigor, and embrace the learning process.

In our own Tutor Training Program, Tutors not only learn to develop their own growth mindset, but also recognize fixed mindsets in their students. Such awareness creates an academically safe environment that promotes hard work and helps convert damaging mindsets to growth mindsets. When comfortable, our students are able to try, often for the first time in a given class; and, when this effort pays off, students learn for themselves that they have the ability to improve their own abilities through effort.


  • Student will enjoy better grades
  • Regularity in studies.
  • Better work ethic.
  • Positive energy towards schooling.
  • Develop healthy study habits.
  • Enjoy reading & writing.
  • Good Problem solving skills.
  • Good attitude and behavior.

What we provide?

  • Test practice
  • Free materials
  • Customized Worksheets
  • Experienced and educated teachers
  • Reasonable fees.
  • 4hours /week
  • Concept Building/hands on activity
  • Home Work Help
  • We provide homework
  • Monthly Parent feedback.
  • One on-One/Small groups
  • Rigor and Practice in Math.
  • Extra Study materials


  1. Grades 6,7,8,9- $12/hour
  2. Grades 3,4,5-$11/hour
  3. Grades K-2- $10/hr
  4. No Registration FEE
  5. No contracts or hidden fees.
  6. Offer valid only for monthly Fees and full course fees. 1 months Fees in advance
  7. Pay fees using cash, debit cards, credit cards or cheque.
  8. A GST of 5% will be charged on all fees paid.

Who can Join ?

  • Regular school children registered in School System.
  • Wants to learn and Excel
  • Motivated to do hard work.
  • Non-disruptive behavior
  • Enjoys good grades.

How to register?

  • Call us at 403-4575045, leave a voice message with details
  • or Download the registration Form and fill it and fax at 4034575044.
  • or Email us  at with your requirements.
  • Fill the online request form.
  • or Text us at 4036672351 to schedule a meeting.
  • Hurry! Very few seats left. first come first serve registration only Call now at 4034575045/4036672351