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Employment Opportunity

Welcome to Learning Solutions ! An upcoming institution  providing After School Tutoring program. The Best tutoring Program in Calgary. We provide RIGOR, RELEVANCE, RELATIONSHIP AND RESULTS  through a blended approch of 21st Century Education and Traditional Learning.

Learning Solutions is constanly looking for dynamic and good tutors to be an integral part of our team. We provide training, guidance, environment and a good pay to our teachers.

If you have the following skills and requirement please send your resume with your availability and courses /grades you are interested to teach at

You must have

  1.  Graduated successfully with 80% or above from a Canadian/ USA high schools.
  2.  You are avilable from 3PM-8PM(M-F).
  3.  You must a valid photo ID and ready for a background check
  4.  Enrolled in a bachelor program Engineering/Business/Sciences/ Language is prefferred.

We provide adequate training, pay and a learning environment.

1. Are you well suited to tutoring?

  1. Do you enjoy sharing knowledge and information and communicating with others?
  2. Are you confident and competent in one or more disciplines or academic areas to provide tutoring services?
  3. Are you committed to supporting the development and wellbeing of your future students?

If you do not answer yes to all of these questions you should not become a tutor.

2. What disciplines or subject areas will you tutor?

You probably have a good understanding of what your knowledge base and area of expertise is, but if not, you need to develop a clear understanding of what you can tutor competently and confidently. Think about:

  1. Your own education
  2. Your work experience
  3. What you have done well at in the past
  4. What knowledge and expertise you would enjoy imparting to others

Community demands: while there are students seeking help in all disciplines, there is particularly high demand for English, literacy, numeracy and mathematics.

3. How would you like to tutor?

Do you want to tutor as an individual, or as part of an agency or tutoring service (or Education Centre)?  If you’re not sure, here are some things to think about:

Tutoring for Yourself:


  • You have complete autonomy over your tutoring activity
  • You can decide when you tutor, where you tutor, and what you charge
  • You have flexibility in setting the number of hours you want to tutor
  • You reap all of the financial rewards from your tutoring activity


  • You have to find students yourself
  • You have to undertake all administrative, client management, accounting and financial tasks
  • You have to personally ensure you adhere to  all legal compliance requirements in relation to Working with Children (or police background checks), and taxation and trade practices requirements
  • You will have to source all resources and teaching aids yourself, including all lesson plans

Tutoring with an Education Service provider such as Learning Solutions


  • The agency or education service usually assists in finding students for you to tutor
  • Your agency will typically be able to provide you with a range of aids and teaching resources
  • Agencies can often provide support services such as:
  • Regulatory support in relation to processing working with children checks
  • Student bookings,Financial and accounting systems
  • Lesson plans,Curriculum management
  • Regular hours, safe and secure environment, Employment opportunity.


  • In return for the services they provide, tutoring agencies take a share of tutoring fees generated
  • Many agencies restrict the entry requirements for tutors, for example many agencies will only employ tutors that are qualified teachers
  • You may have to commit to a certain number of hours work per week, and you may have to tutor within specific operating hours laid down by the agency.

4. Plan your tutoring services in detail

Questions you must address in planning your services:

  • What subject areas do you want to tutor?
  • At what level do you want to tutor? That is, are you planning to tutor primary level students, middle school, senior school or tertiary students?
  • If you plan to tutor high school students,it is very important to understand the curriculum for your subject areas, and be prepared to assist your students to meet the requirements of the curriculum.
  • Where will you provide your services?  What transportation requirements will you require?  
  • What resources will you need to tutor? (Text books, stationery etc.)